White tiger

White tigers are extremely rare in the wild; due to their unusual colouring, their chances of survival are lower than those of normal coloured tigers.

Decolourising a rose with chlorine gas

In this experiment we decolourise our rose with some chlorine gas.


According to some surveys conducted in 2015, Vienna, with a population of 1.8 million, has the best quality of living in the world.

Geological fold

The Alps and the Himalayas are mountain ranges that were formed by geological folding. In this video we can watch the end result of the process.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. It is listed No.1 among world's most-visited tourist attractions.

Wild boar

A common inhabitant of forests; it is the ancestor of the domesticated pig.


This Central European country has a population of 10 million. Its capital is Budapest. Much of its area is flat, the rest is hilly and mountainous.


People have been making conscious efforts to defend themselves against floods since the 18th century, but sometimes the force of the water can overwhelm...

Renaissance courtyard

The famous balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet was set in a courtyard like this. Let's take a look around.


99% of the common chimpanzee's genome is identical to that of humans, yet this 1% difference matters a great deal.


The hedgehog is an omnivorous mammal that can be found all over Europe. Thanks to its friendly nature, it is a children’s favourite.


This blood-red, egg-shaped or spherical fruit is used to make desserts like jelly or jam or even herb tea.

Field cricket

It can be easily recognised by its bulky, shiny black body and its rather large, helmet-like head. The male produces a characteristic chirping sound.

Production of hydrogen gas

Let’s make hydrogen gas using zinc powder and hydrochloric acid and see what lays the foundations for hydrogen-fuelled cars in the distant future.

Tortoises mating

How do tortoises mate with each other having those giant shells? It might be hard to imagine at first, but if you watch this video, you’ll see.

El Niño

The El Niño phenomenon has a great effect on the Earth's climate.

Large hairy armadillo

One of the most widespread armadillo species in South America. It is an accomplished digger and spends most of its time below ground.

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