Minerals tutorial

Minerals tutorial




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On-screen labels

Minerals, List of minerals, Sort the list of minerals by various criteria., Mineral information, Watch images and video clips and learn more about the minerals., Insert into mozaBook, Insert tool content into your publication., List of minerals, Scroll through the list of minerals., Sort the list by name or class., Mineral information, Click on the arrows to view all available images., Click on this icon to play the video clip about the mineral., Click on this icon for basic information about the mineral you have selected., Click on these icons to switch between view modes., Click here to view an image of the next mineral on the list., Click here to return to list view., Searching minerals, Search for a particular mineral., Click here to display the virtual keyboard., Insert into mozaBook, Drag & drop the image to insert it into mozaBook., Drag & drop text or still images from the video clip to insert them into mozaBook., Insert into mozabook as you wish.
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