Number Circle tutorial

Number Circle tutorial




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On-screen labels

Number Circle, How the tool works, Follow the tutorial to learn how to use the tool., Set the difficulty, Choose from three levels of difficulty., Exercise types, Practise not only basic operations, but also greater than and less than relations., Insert into mozaBook, Insert the Number Circle tool into an exercise book., Multi-user mode, Use the tool on a multitouch device., How the tool works, Read the operations starting from the outermost ring., Drag the numbers to the right places. , Click on the arrow to start a new exercise., Set the difficulty, Set the level of difficulty here., Exercise types, Click here for exercises involving multiplication and division., The number of wrong answers is indicated by red dots., Click here to practise greater than or less than relations., Click on a number or drag it to reposition it., Click on the Home icon to restart an exercise., Multi-user mode, Insert into mozaBook, Insert the Number Circle tool into your exercise book., Insert the tool into mozaBook as interactive content.
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