Countries worksheet tutorial

Countries worksheet tutorial




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Countries, Worksheet settings, Enable or disable exercise types, decide what type of information should be asked for on the worksheet, and change other options as well., Create worksheets, Generate worksheets with your custom settings., Worksheet settings, Click on this icon to open the worksheet settings., Click on an exercise type to disable it., Choose what type of information should be asked for on the worksheet., Set the number of exercises you want to include on the worksheet., Set a time limit for each exercise., If you wish, you can select an effect for pictures, Click on the Play button to create and load the worksheet with your custom settings, Create worksheets, Select the correct answer., The worksheet moves on to the next exercise after a few seconds. Pause it if you need more time., After pausing an exercise, click on the arrow to move on to the next one., The current exercise can be exported to the Test editor., You can also add your own exercise., You can change the worksheet., Customise the look of your worksheet., Save the changes., Save it to the exercise book so it can be used later.
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