Decolourising a rose with chlorine gas

Decolourising a rose with chlorine gas

In this experiment we decolourise our rose with some chlorine gas.




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On-screen labels

16 HCL + 2 KMnO4 = , 2 KCl + 2 MnCl2 + 8 H2O + % Cl2, -1, +7, +2, redox process, Chlorine dissolves well in water:, Cl2 + H2O = HOCl + HCl, Chlorine Water Hypochlorous acid Hydrogen chloride, Hypochlorous acid decays when exposed to light:, HOCL = HCl + O, Hípochlorous acid Hydrogen chloride Nascent oxygen, Ignaz Semmelweis (1818-1865), Disinfection with chlorinated lime solution, bleach
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