Do you understand what I am telling you?

In this lesson you will learn about the basics of speech perception and language acquisition.

Is noise harmful?

Noise surrounds us everywhere, but it can be harmful. Let's see how.

Can we understand the language of animals?

Find out interesting pieces of information about the communication of animals.

Games Playing with sounds

This lesson introduces some basic ideas about sound.

How can humans speak?

This lesson presents the development of human speech and the structure and functioning of the organs of speech.

How do we hear?

This lesson helps you understand the process of hearing.

What will happen to us?

Let's find solutions to the global environmental issues!

Things you should know about coronaviruses and COVID-19

Simple, straightforward information about the coronavirus epidemic.

Weed or herb?

A réteken, szántóföldeken és a gondosan ápolt kertekben is rengeteg növény telepedhet meg.

Invisible animals: worms

Let's learn about the various types of worms by looking at the characteristics of typical species.

How does the human body change?

A lesson about the changes that take place in our bodies throughout our lifetime.

Water project

In this project, you will perform experiments with water.

What do maps tell us?

A lesson about the various types of maps.

From root to leaf

Let's follow the path of water in plants from the roots to the leaves


Learn about the concepts of floor plan, map, and map scale.

Helpers of orientation

In this lesson, you will learn how we can find our way around.

Insects in the forest

Numerous insects live on tree trunks, in the foliage and on the ground. Let's learn about some species.

What is metabolism?

In the body, substances are continiuously absorbed and released.

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