How to provide first aid

How to provide first aid

A lesson about the basics of first aid.


Author: Horváthné Kunstár Andrea, Jámbor Gyuláné

Reviewer: Jóri Johanna, Márton Gábor


first aid, help, providing first aid, ambulance, 112, electric shock, fainting, loss of consciousness, poisoning, respiratory poisoning, bleeding, wound disinfection, nosebleed, break, dislocation, wound treatment, resuscitation, breath test, BLS, emergency care, accident, car accident, dispatcher, recovery position, dressing, pressure bandage, wound, dizziness, superficial wound, risk of injury, protective equipment, pressure point, injured, symptom, adhesive bandage, sterile, poultice, malaise, chest compression, road accident, pain, doctor, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, artery, vein, capillary, blood, sterile pad, patient, household, public road, transportation, doing sports, Warm up, firefighting, telephone, nature study, biology, anthropology, medicine

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