Medieval Chinese Emperor

The Emperor of the vast Far-Eastern empire was the lord of life and death.

Oil molecule

Triglycerides containing unsaturated fatty acids are liquid at room temperature.

Two-stroke engine

A two-stroke engine is a type of internal combustion engine with a cycle of only two (power) strokes.

Freshwater pearl mussel

A species of mollusc widespread in freshwaters.

String quartet

A string quartet consists of four string players, it appeared in the late 18th century.


This animation shows optical and radiotelescopes used in astronomical observation.


The piano is one of the most popular instruments in the world. It is a chordophone which produces sounds mechanically.

Soil pollution

This animation demonstrates the main sources of soil pollution.

Large white butterfly

The large white butterfly is a common species of butterflies, through which we demonstrate the anatomy of butterflies.

Relief map of China

An introduction to the relief and hydrography of China.

Endocrine system

Glands of the endocrine system secrete hormones into the blood.

European mole

Moles are small subterranean mammals with modified, spade-like forelegs.


The zygote is the initial cell formed when two gamete cells are joined by means of sexual reproduction.

Cockchafer (Maybug)

The cockchafer (or maybug) is a widespread bug in Europe. Its larvae, known as chafer grubs are considered a pest.


The bell is a percussion instrument and an idiophone. Many types of bells exist.

Amoeba proteus

Widespread heterotrophic unicellular organisms with constantly changing shapes

Patellar reflex

The reflex triggered by the stretching of the thigh extensor muscle is the patellar reflex.


Oases are areas in deserts where water is available.

Battle of Issus (333 BC)

The battle ended with the overwhelming victory of the Macedonian army over the Persian army led by Darius III.

Southern wood ant

An ant colony consist of a queen, male ants and workers.

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