Number line

Practise addition, subtraction, negative numbers and sets with diverse exercises.


Practise using money with coins, banknotes and goods in a variety of situations.


Perform basic mathematical operations with the counting frame, which has been well-known since ancient times.


More than 40 different dice to practise the material of various subjects

Code breaker

Decode words and phrases using symbols of Braille writing, sign language, flag signals, bar codes and......


Customisable analogue and digital clocks with current time display and exciting exercises.

Multiplication table

A tool to practise multiplication and division with spectacular exercises and games.


An intriguing logic game originating from China. Includes lots of puzzles of various levels of difficulty.


A balance scale to show inequalities and to introduce the notion of equation


A bit of calculation, a bit of spatial recognition, a bit of playing.

Maths quiz

True/False mathematical questions from geometry through algebra to number theory.


A quick and simple way to create spectacular diagrams from built-in templates.


Illustrating axis of symmetry in a playful manner with exercises. Can also be used as an icon editor.


Answer quiz questions on 12 different topics with increasing level of difficulty.


Play against the computer or an online opponent, solve problems or analyse famous matches!


Continue the line. Place dominoes with the corresponding number of pips next to each other.

Magic square

Fill the missing numbers so that the sum of every row and column adds up to the same number.


A game involving logic and strategy with the goal of building the strongest army possible.


Fly the aeroplane, control the snake, shepherd the bee to the right direction.


Familiarise yourself with the chessboard and learn how to move around the squares.

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3D menu

A categorised collection of 3D scenes with a spectacular search interface.

Content graph

An organised and searchable graph of all the educational content in the mozaLearn system (books, videos,......

Question sheet

Simple question sheet with text and pictures; multiple choice questions with a single or multiple correct......

Picture cards

Sixteen decks of cards in various subjects, with the possibility to insert pictures into mozaBook

Function tables

A collection of mathematical and physical functions, formulae and explanatory illustrations.

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