3D menu

A categorised collection of 3D scenes with a spectacular search interface.

Content graph

An organised and searchable graph of all the educational content in the mozaLearn system (books, videos,......

Question sheet

Simple question sheet with text and pictures; multiple choice questions with a single or multiple correct......


More than 40 different dice to practise the material of various subjects

Picture cards

Sixteen decks of cards in various subjects, with the possibility to insert pictures into mozaBook


A stopwatch and countdown timer to time exercises. With several background music options.


Each week, the five best-rated 3D scenes, videos and images are made available for every user


Answer quiz questions on 12 different topics with increasing level of difficulty.

3D puzzle

This exciting and colourful game is designed to develop spatial perception. You can check your solutions......


Fly the aeroplane, control the snake, shepherd the bee to the right direction.

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