Most species of sedges grow in swamps, wetlands and other watery places where they usually dominate the flora.

Siberian tiger

This tiger subspecies it is largest of all the big cats. It kills one large prey about every five days, of which it is able to devour 50 kg of meat in one go.


Fog is a shallow layer of cloud close to ground level. When it descends, visibility drops drastically and road traffic may come to a standstill.

Field horsetail

A perennial plant with a rhizomatous stem, the length of which may reach 2-3 m. The height of the plant above ground, however, is only 50-60 cm.

The water cycle

Water on Earth is constantly in flux and is going through a cycle.

The Cold War unfolds

After World War II, Germany was divided and the Iron Curtain was drawn.


Mirages can be seen on hot summer days. This phenomenon is caused by the air warming up close to the surface.

Big city life

The largest cities in the world are often characterised by congestion and high population density.

Traffic lights

In certain intersections traffic can be so heavy that safe crossing can only be ensured by traffic lights.

Barbary sheep

This video shows why the Barbary sheep on the savannahs bear such a strong resemblance to goats.


Species of the Ursidae family can be found all around the world. They are mostly large-bodied with quite diverse diets.


Birds are warm-blooded animals that lay hard-shelled eggs. The eggshell is made mostly of calcium carbonate.

Mammoth bones

As humans began to conquer all the dry lands, the population of mammoths dropped drastically. They became extinct by the beginning of the Holocene.


The most significant city of the ancient world was Rome. During the era of the Roman Empire, the city already had a population of at least 1 million.

Resonance straw

Find out how to move the straws without touching them, using the phenomenon of resonance.

European Parliament

The institutions of the European Union are located in different cities. Let’s take a look inside the seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.


Shadows are formed when an object blocks the path of light. Shadows on the Earth's surface are not completely dark, because the rays of light are scattered.


Thanks to its high nutritional value, the clover is an excellent fodder plant; four-leaved clovers are a real rarity and are thought to bring luck.

Sprouting radish

Let’s see how one of our favourite vegetables, the radish develops from seeds.

Growing wheat

Wheat is one of the fastest growing cereals. Let’s see how it develops.

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