In motion

The hustle and bustle of a metropolis compacted into just a few seconds.

Hamadryas baboon

A species of monkeys with complex social structure where hierarchical system can be clearly observed.

White poplar

A forest tree species characteristic of floodplains. It survives long periods of time in saturated or completely flooded ground.

Mountain climbing

A light walk in the mountains is a perfect recreational activity for a Sunday afternoon, but to conquer higher mountain peaks one needs perseverant training.


One of the most common weeds. It can be found in fields and meadows.

A 10th century village in the Carpathian Basin

This video shows a typical 10th century Central European village.


Ever since the 20th century, time is often considered the 4th dimension. In this video we speed up time with different clock types.


The formation of clouds and precipitation are part of the water cycle. Let’s see how clouds form and change.


What happens to fruits and vegetables left on a table? Watch this clip to find out. The 30-second clip was filmed for a period of two weeks.

Common crane

These birds are native to the woods, steppes and waters of Eurasia, from where they migrate to northern Africa and to the southern parts of Asia for winter.

Water lily

This indispensable plant of garden ponds, also grows wild in the lakes of plains.

Active leisure outdoors

Recreational activities, especially in the summer months, are becoming more and more popular.


Large international brands have become part of our everyday lives. The revenue of the largest companies may even surpass the GDP of entire countries.

Fallow deer

Its favourite habitat is oak forests. It can be easily recognised by its chestnut coat with cream coloured mottles.


With a population of almost 2 million, Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. It is one of the four capital cities through which the Danube flows.


Looking after cemeteries is the duty of an administrative unit, e.g. town or county. Cemeteries can also serve as historical memorials.

Mediterranean climate

Mediterranean climate, typical of the Mediterranean Basin, is a particular variety of subtropical climate.


The origins of Christmas date back to ancient Rome. Decorating Christmas trees became popular in the early 19th century.


More than half of the world's population now lives in towns and cities. Large cities are becoming even more crowded.

Computers in education

More and more university libraries make use of computers and Internet. A great deal of information can be stored in digital format, but the Internet is not...

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