This ornamental plant of parks is also very useful to form an impenetrable barrier against thieves with its dense, thorny structure.


The tallest animal on the planet, yet it has the same number of vertebrae as humans.


The catalpa is a plant typical mainly of tropical and sub-tropical regions. It is able to climb up the trunks of trees towards the light.

Wild carrot

This ruderal plant, the ancestor of the carrot, can be found all around the world.

Common walnut

This tree, popular in rural courtyards, is grown for its stone fruit and good quality timber.

Common beech

This forest tree is a common tree species in hilly and mountainous regions. It prefers steep and shady slopes and tolerates colder climates.

Silver birch

The primary forest tree of the Russian steppes. Its unique characteristic is the whitish-brownish, heavily cracked bark.

Ginkgo biloba

This tree is a truly living fossil: it has gone through only minor changes since the Mesozoic Era.

Common nettle

A plant usually found in the countryside; it is advisable to avoid skin contact with the stinging hairs that cover its leaves and stem.

Snowy owl

This owl species living in the furthest northern regions of our planet has adapted brilliantly to the harsh conditions of the taiga and the tundra.

Green iguana

A film about the green iguana, the popular inhabitant of exotic terrariums.


This plant with lovely flowers grows wild on greens, meadows and grazing fields.


One of the most common types of Anatidae, the ancestor of the domestic duck.

Komodo dragon

The largest species of lizard that lives in isolation. Even a single bite of it can be fatal.

Under the starry sky

Photos taken by professional cameras at a slow shutter speed can reveal details invisible to the naked eye.

Stars of the four seasons

As seasons change, we see different constellations in the night sky. The North Star is easy to identify in a picture taken with long exposure time, as it...

The lion

King of the savannahs, the lion is at top of its food chain. Its only enemy is man.

Flower indicator

Purple and wine red flowers can be used as pH indicators.

A non-flammable tissue

Go behind the scenes of gastronomy and film tricks: objects in flames do not always burn, do they?

Balloon on a skewer

Learn how to pierce a balloon without popping it.

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