Peeling an egg

The acid in vinegar dissolves materials containing calcium carbonate like eggshell and snail shell.


The best known cartilaginous fish, sharks, do not chew their food; they use their razor-sharp teeth only for biting and tearing.

Snow leopard

A fearsome predator of snowy mountains. Of all the felids the snow leopard jumps the furthest.


A historic region of Croatia; its economy is mostly based on tourism and fishing.

The brachistochrone problem

Find out whether the marble reaches the finish line faster on the straight or on the curved slope.


Rocks are a composed of minerals. These minerals can often be found in their pure forms.

Views of Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton is a tectonic lake located in Hungary. It is the largest lake in Central Europe.

Under the starry sky

Photos taken by professional cameras at a slow shutter speed can reveal details invisible to the naked eye.


This plant that originates from China has become an invasive species.


Its nearly 600 species are mostly native to the Northern Hemisphere. Its timber is mainly used for carvings, household items, matches and paper.

Stars of the four seasons

As seasons change, we see different constellations in the night sky. The North Star is easy to identify in a picture taken with long exposure time, as it...


The catalpa is a plant typical mainly of tropical and sub-tropical regions. It is able to climb up the trunks of trees towards the light.


Ramsons is a plant with medicinal properties and a smell similar to that of garlic. Its leaves are easily mistaken for the leaves of the lily of the valley.


The petals of the buttercup are yellow. Although they are not aquatic plants, they live mostly in wet, swampy places.

Guelder rose

Its spherical flowers produced in corymbs are quite showy; it is a popular decorative plant, thriving in humid conditions.

Lily of the valley

A plant native to the temperate regions of Europe and Asia that lives mostly in oak forests.

Common pond skater

A fascinating aquatic insect species that is able to 'walk' on the water using surface tension.

Eurasian eagle owl

For centuries, the Eurasian eagle owl has been the symbol of wisdom and knowledge.


The largest of the great apes. During evolution humans diverged from gorillas around 6 million years ago.


This ornamental plant of parks is also very useful to form an impenetrable barrier against thieves with its dense, thorny structure.

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