Find out the difference between the two species of this magnificent animal: the African and Asian elephants.


In rock-paper-scissors, the least popular choice of players is paper. But is it really the weakest of the three?

Traditional riders

The tradition of horse riding has a very long history. Even today riders often put on authentic costumes.

String saw

In this experiment we prove that it is possible to cut a bottle with just a string.

Blueberry picking

Blueberries are a popular ingredient of jams, fruit soups or fruit salads, cake toppings or fillings.

World War One unfolds

Prolonged war is a great burden both for military personnel and civilians.


A bicycle light can be used with not only batteries, but it can be operated with our own muscle power as well. Let's see exactly how it works.

Suburban areas

Due to lower real estate prices, people and industry often move from big cities to suburban areas. This trend is called counter-urbanisation.

Global environmental problems

In order to protect our environment we must establish a sustainable world. The following pictures sum up the most pressing environmental issues.

Separate waste collection

Separate waste collection is probably the simplest way for us to contribute to the protection of our environment.

Europe after the First World War

The social, economic and political consequences of World War I in certain countries.

Coach (carriage)

Not many people know that the word 'coach' used in English-speaking countries originates from the name of a Hungarian village.


A synagogue is a Jewish house of worship. Our video presents the Dohány Street Synagogue, located in Budapest, Hungary. It is the largest synagogue in Europe.


Greece is the cradle of European culture. Its archipelago consists of more than 1300 islands. Its economy is based mainly on tourism.


A mineral is a naturally occurring substance that is solid and stable at room temperature, and its composition can be represented by a chemical formula.

The Paris peace treaties

This video presents the events of the peace conference in Versailles after the end of World War I.


The force of the waves, whipped up by the wind near the shore, is a defining factor in shaping the coastline.

Unusual basalt rock formation

When lava solidifies, it sometimes forms interlocking hexagonal basalt columns. This phenomenon is most common along the coasts of Ireland or Iceland.


The lakeside is the natural habitat for a number of species. Here you can find duckweed, reed and cane, too. A bit further away the floodplain forest begins.

Paper boat

Let’s make a boat from a few pieces of colourful paper and a straw!

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