Animal migration

Some animals cover huge distances on a seasonal basis in order to survive.

Indigenous peoples in Africa hunters and gatherers

Our film, filmed in southern Africa, introduces the representatives of a disappearing lifestyle.

Africa – The Climatic Anatomy of a Continent

An introduction of the climatic and altitudinal zones of the African continent.

The Wallace line

The Wallace line divides the fauna of Asia and Australia.

The River System of the Amazon

A video on the Amazon river and its drainage basin.

Test tutorial 7.

Export exercises from various mozaBook tools to the Test Editor.

African elephant

This species of the family Elephantidae is the strongest and biggest terrestrial mammal living on the Earth today.

Grey wolf

The domestication of the wolf began more than 10000 years ago. After humans, it is the most widespread mammal.


In this video you can learn about the two-humped camel that lives in the mountainous, desert areas of Asia. They can survive without water for as long as...

The camel

Why do camels have humps? Where do these extremely hardy animals live? Learn the answers from this video.


Small towns do not get overcrowded like big cities, but they provide a wider range of services than villages.

Murano glass

This town, situated on seven islands, is world-renowned first and foremost for its glass manufacturing. Glassmaking has always taken place on the islands of...


Ants are truly social insects. Their social habits (building fantastic ant hills, migrating and territorial fights) show great resemblance to those of human...

Medieval tombs

The discovery of medieval tombs can reveal numerous secrets. Let’s take a look at one.

The lesser black-backed gull

A gull species typically found on European beaches; it is easily recognisable by the distinctive sound it makes.

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