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Inhaling Helium

What do you think happens if we inhale Helium?

Seconds pendulum

How can this pendulum accurately measure time in seconds?

The dangers of aluminium production

The use of bauxite, which is first processed into alumina and then into aluminium, can be harmful.

Homemade firefighting foam

We can produce carbon dioxide gas using sodium hydrogen carbonate and acetic acid. The carbon dioxide puts out the flame.

Do walnuts burn?

The energy released by the burning walnut is used to heat water.

Giant rivers at the Equator

The largest rivers on Earth are found in the tropical zone.


This class in the animal kingdom has the highest number of species. More than half of all known animal species, (more than 1 million) belong here.

The fig tree

Learn about the fig tree and its extraordinary fruit and find out about its medicinal properties as well..

The green-winged macaw

A brightly coloured and extremely loud parrot whose screams can be as loud as 110 dB. In humans, long-term exposure to sounds of such intensity can cause...

What are lichens made of?

A combination of fungal hyphae and algal cells viewed under a light microscope at a hundred times magnification.


People have always preferred to settle near rivers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living by the water?

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Africa - The Land of Anthropoids

A film about three great apes found in Africa: the chimpanzee, the bonobo and the gorilla.

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Studying the blind spot

Demonstrating a method to determine where exactly the blind spot is in our visual field.


Have you ever heard about boomwhackers? Believe it or not, these are real musical instruments.

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The East African Rift

The Great Rift Valley in East Africa was formed as a result of the movement of tectonic plates.

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