Iceland is one of the least populated countries. However, few countries can compete with the richness of its natural heritage.

Plate tectonics

Since tectonic plates can move up to 2-10 cm a year, the landscape of tectonically active regions can change quite fast on a geological timescale.

Cliff (Coastal abrasion)

Certain sections of coast are battered by extremely destructive waves. Let’s take a look at this process.


Flower farming is a discipline of horticulture concerned with the cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants for gardens and for the flower trade.


It is the northernmost capital city in the world. In Icelandic its name stands for “bay of smoke” that probably originates from the nearby active geothermal...


Shipping is the most ancient way of transport. It is still significant today and is most popular mainly in the fields of cargo transport and tourism.


Tundra is a biome characteristic of the arctic and subarctic regions. Here, dwarf shrubs, mosses and lichens are the dominant vegetation.


This little animal has the annoying habit of raiding waste containers and scattering rubbish all over the place.

Soil salinity

Salt precipitates in dried-out swamps and lakebeds, providing a habitat for unique flora.

Types of lakes

Still waters take various forms on the planet. Let’s take a look at how we can group them.

The great white pelican

Pelicans are highly protected birds. They can be easily recognised by their pouched bill.

Garlic mustard

A plant species widespread in Europe and North America. It is rather invasive in places where it was introduced, such as the US.

A dog’s sense of smell

Unlike us humans, instead of using their eyesight, dogs mainly use their excellent sense of smell to recognise objects, people and animals.

The role of reinforcement in dog training

Dogs are teachable and obedient companions. They can therefore be trained for various purposes.

Operant conditioning

Dogs are quite teachable animals; therefore, their so-called operant conditioning can easily be examined with an everyday object.

The barbary sheep

This video explains why the Barbary sheep on the savannahs bear such a strong resemblance to goats.

The Eurasian eagle owl

For centuries, the Eurasian eagle owl has been the symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

The sessile oak

After you have seen this video, you will be able to tell the English oak from the sessile oak.

The English oak

The most widespread tree species in temperate forests. It grows slowly. Its timber is popular in the furniture industry.


Pelicans are highly protected birds. They can be easily recognised by their enormous pouched bill.

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