The little lame boy

The story of how schoolmates lent a helping hand to a poor, little lame boy.

Symphytum officinale

A common perennial plant inhabiting wetlands. You’ll find them in swampy hollows of meadows.


Basalt is the most common extrusive igneous rock, the colour of which ranges from grey to black.

The old cobbler and the boy

A poor little boy went to the cobbler to have his shoes mended. In the end, the old man took pity on the child.

Icelandic glacial lagoon

This magnificent Icelandic glacial river lagoon, a lake formed by the melting ice, is a sight to behold.

The tree peony

This plant originating from East Asia was used in folk medicine as early as 2000 years ago. It is also a decorative plant of gardens.


Curious little animal living in underground burrows in the African savannahs.

Common juniper

Juniper berries are used dried and crushed to flavour meats and sauces, as well as gin and some beers.

Subarctic climate

Subarctic climate regions are very close to the Arctic. Population is very sparse here, and vegetation consists only of some lichens and a few other plants.

Viking colony

Watch this video to learn about how the Viking settlers lived on the newly discovered island called Iceland.

Icelandic town

Watch what the life in a small town in Iceland, the land of fire and ice, looks like.

Midnight Sun

Let’s watch what a sunset that lasts through the entire night looks like. There is no darkness between sunset and sunrise.

Icelandic village

Let’s examine the building techniques that were developed in Nordic countries to protect against the cold.

Wrecked plane

The safest means of travel in the world is flying. However, accidents can happen even in the air sometimes. Fortunately plane crashes are rare.

Geothermal energy

An alternative source of energy used mainly for heating purposes; its exploitation is most economical in tectonically more active areas.

Volcanic hot springs

One spectacular result of volcanic activity at some hotspots is the eruption of water, steam and sulphur, discolouring the surrounding terrain, making it...


A glacier is a huge mass of ice accumulating over the years from snow and moving under the pressure of its own weight slowly downwards from higher ground.


Let’s watch a short video about hot water eruptions called geysers.

Greenhouse cultivation of bananas

Banana production in Iceland is economical due to the fact that greenhouses are heated with cheap geothermal energy all year round.

Modern northern church

Let’s take a short walk in Iceland’s biggest church called the Hallgrímskirkja.

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