Lar gibbon

A monogamous species of lesser apes living on the trees.

Vatican City

The smallest state in the world, with an area of barely 0.44 km2. The Papal State has a population of just over 800 people, most of whom are ecclesiastical...

The mallard

One of the most common types of Anatidae, the ancestor of the domestic duck.

Raven training

Ravens are considered the most intelligent birds, displaying high learning ability and use of logic in solving problems.

Southern three-banded armadillo

The southern three-banded armadillo is one of the very few species of armadillos capable of rolling into a complete ball to defend themselves.

Boiling water with ice

Is it possible to boil water below its boiling point of 100°C?


Lightning strikes somewhere on Earth every second. This extraordinary phenomenon is a spectacular sight, but at the same time it can be dangerous.

The power of acetone peroxide

Acetone peroxide is a dangerous crystalline organic compound with a consistency like icing sugar.


A delicious fruit cultivated worldwide that is mostly eaten raw, but it also has various uses.

Baroque architecture

Baroque is a style in art developed in Europe from the early 17th to mid-18th century. Among its characteristics are complex patterns, richly ornamented...


This species of antelope, native to southern Asia, is more often seen in zoos than in the wild.


The most eye-catching characteristic of snails is their shell that is in fact an exoskeleton made mostly of calcium carbonate.

Common hackberry

A tree that tolerates urban conditions well. Excellent quality whip handles used to be made from its branches.


Most species of frogs live near water, however some species have also adapted to extreme circumstances.

The reaction of Coke and milk

What happens when we mix these two well-known, chemically interesting liquids together?


The potato originates from South America. It is the most important food crop beside cereals.

The legend of the golden apple

This video presents the myth of how the Trojan War began.

Sound localisation

Sound localisation is an important element in orientation. A sound reaches the ear closest to it first.


RO-LA or "Rollende Landstrasse" is a German term for an environment-friendly form of transport in which lorries are carried by train, thus avoiding traffic...

The operation of a nuclear power plant

Learn how a nuclear power plant with pressurized water reactors is operated.

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