The Judo is a type of Japanese martial art, which is characterised by throws, leg techniques and ground fighting.

Inside a Bag of Potato Crisps

Let's find out what is inside a bag of potato crisps!

Intercontinental urban traffic

Transport planning that involves two distinct parts of a major city is no mean feat. Especially when those two parts are on two different continents!

Rice in a bottle

Lift a bottle full of rice using a few skewers.

The Hagia Sophia

Now a museum, it used to be one of the most famous places of worship in the world, first for Christianity, then for Islam.

Renewable sources of energy

Who wouldn’t be familiar with solar-powered calculators or windmills? Let’s have a look at the most widespread sources of renewable energy on the planet.

Home-made compass

This experiment shows how to make a home made compass.

Clothing in Turkey

Women’s clothing varies from country to country in the Muslim world. Let’s take a look at the example of Turkey.

Eating healthy

The composition, operation and stamina of the human body and the way one feels greatly depend on diet. Let’s see how we can eat healthy every day.


Learn about the hardships of serfdom from Thomas' perspective.

The California kingsnake

The California kingsnake is one of the most popular species of pet reptiles. It was named after its habit to consume other snakes every now and then.

Vanishing styrofoam

This is how you can make vanish any object made out of styrofoam.

Coke dispenser

Witness the power of coke and chewy dragees.

Venice, the city of canals

All of these names suggest that Venice is a place worth visiting. Suffice it to say that today it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy....

Magnetic glass

Watch how the glass acts like a true magnet.

Magic straw

Move a straw on top of a bottle, without touching it.

Transparent coke

Let's make the typical colour of the coke disappear!

Visible sound

Have you ever seen the sound of music?

Magic water barrier

Due to the temperature differences the liquids do not mix.

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