The chronometer - The story of a lone genius

John Harrison dedicated his entire life to perfect his chronometer.

Global warming

The atmosphere and the climate of the Earth changed a great deal during the past millions of years.

Early Christian art

Early Christian relics stand out as witnesses to the Christian death cult in the first millennium.

The Scholl siblings and the White Rose

The White Rose, one of the most noteworthy resistance groups in Nazi Germany, was led by the Scholl siblings among others.

Elizabeth Keckley

Elizabeth Keckley managed to achieve the American Dream through her talent and persistence.

Rome (trailer)

Our new videos about the architecture and art of ancient Rome are already available.

The three-field system

This video presents why the three-field system is more beneficial than the two-field system.


Cattle typically live in stables. They were domesticated around the same time as swine. Cow's milk is one of our most popular drinks.


Budapest is not only a political, cultural, commercial and industrial centre and a transport hub, but also a popular tourist destination.

The Pompeii before time

There is a little village in Northern Hungary in Central Europe that is a hiding place for a unique treasure.

The Albigensian Crusade

The Albigensian Crusade (1209–1229) was a 20-year military campaign launched to defeat the Cathars in southern France.

Captain Cook

One of the greatest explorers of all time, who circumnavigated the Pacific Ocean, from Hawaii to New Zealand.

Detectives of days gone by

History is not always based on mere facts, serious research needs to be done to explore the past.

Pork processing

Processing pork on an industrial level greatly differs from home pig slaughters. Our video presents the whole journey of pork.

German unification

In the 19th century the fragmented German states united under the leadership of Prussia.

What makes a locality a town?

A town provides services that do not only meet the needs of its own population. Its scope of duties goes beyond its borders.

Sir Isaac Newton

Newton, one of the greatest physicists, has laid down the basics of mechanics. In this video we sum up the main events of his life.

Properties of matter: mass, volume and density

In certain cases, liquids do not mix together, and form layers instead. See what happens when we pour water over raspberry syrup.

mozaBook - Create student groups

In this short video we show you how to create user (student) groups in the mozaLearn system.

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