Show what the life of children will be in 50 years

Think about the impact that the current natural, environmental, economic and technological changes taking place in the present may have on our future.

What kind of fruit is peach?

A lesson about peach trees and fruits, with a dessert at the end.

The industrial revolution and its consequences

The lesson makes a thorough presentation of the period of the Industrial Revolution and of its social and economic implications.

Where do flies go in the winter?

Houseflies are among the best-known animals, they can be found in every region inhabited by humans. Let's learn about these arthropods.

The secret life of newborns

Learn more about the early stages of human development with this lesson.

The one who came, saw and conquered: Julius Caesar

A lesson about the personality and legacy of Julius Caesar.

What happens in the garden?

A lesson about gardens, plants and their organs.

How's the weather?

Learn about the concepts of wind and precipitation.

User manual

A guide about the meaning of icons found in digital lessons and the possibilities of using them.

Can chickens fly?

A lesson about the anatomy and lifestyle of chickens.

Let's practice positioning!

This lesson helps you understand what geographic coordinates are and how to use them.

Rulers of the sea

Relive the naval battles in this lesson.

How can solar energy be utilised?

This lesson presents the possibilities for utilising solar energy.

Journey from source to mouth

Let's follow a river's journey from its source to its mouth.

Why was World War I so horrible?

This lesson presents the weapons of World War I.

Waterbirds and shorebirds

A lesson about the most common species of shorebirds.

How can hydropower be utilised?

This lesson presents the possibilities for utilising hydropower.

Are there purple cows?

Cattle is a large, domesticated vertebrate. Let's learn more about it.

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