How does our heart beat?

This lesson presents the structure and functioning of the heart and how it can be protected.

Are all forests alike?

This lesson presents the different types of forests and their layers.

Movement is life

A lesson about the human locomotor system and its health.

How's the weather?

Learn about the concepts of wind and precipitation.

How to become an earthworm farmer

A lesson about the most important characteristics of the common earthworm.

Do you like chips?

A lesson about potatoes and potato beetles.

Let's play with fire

In this lesson, we will perform fire-related experiments.

The physics of bicycles

This lesson presents some of the laws of physics through the operation of the bicycle.


What are the types and importance of watercourses?

Cold or hot?

In this lesson, we try to find answers to questions about temperature.

User manual – 'I study at home' lessons

User manual to the 'I study at home' series of digital lessons.

How do birds fly? Part 3

Learn about the migration and reproduction of birds.

How can hydropower be utilised?

This lesson presents the possibilities for utilising hydropower.

How can solar energy be utilised?

This lesson presents the possibilities for utilising solar energy.

Rulers of the sea

Relive the naval battles in this lesson.

Can you eat chili peppers?

A lesson about pepper plants, their anatomy and history.

Let's practice positioning!

This lesson helps you understand what geographic coordinates are and how to use them.

Newton and light

A lesson about Newton's studies on light and the telescope he constructed.

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