Would you like to get a puppy?

Dogs are our loyal companions. Learn about their anatomy and behaviour.

Where do flies go in the winter?

Houseflies are among the best-known animals, they can be found in every region inhabited by humans. Let's learn about these arthropods.

The human urinary system

This lesson presents the structure and functioning of the human urinary system.

Where does waste water go?

This lesson presents the production of waste water, its treatment and environmental impact.

They used to have time to..

Learn about the past and traditions of education.

Why is smoking harmful?

Learn about the harmful effects of smoking.

Is the buoyant force with you?

In this lesson, you will learn about buoyancy and the conditions of floating for objects.

Insects in the forest

Numerous insects live on tree trunks, in the foliage and on the ground. Let's learn about some species.

How do objects interact?

A lesson about the various types of physical interactions.

On the land of Inti's sons

A digital lesson about the colourful culture of the Inca Empire.

Show that you can convince your family

Saving energy is a task for everyone, because the energy consumption of the Earth’s population is increasing very fast and it can soon exceed the Earth’s...

Legends and facts – Who was Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein’s life is surrounded by numerous legends, but the facts about him are also quite interesting.

Helpers of orientation

In this lesson, you will learn how we can find our way around.

The restless Earth

How are earthquakes formed? What keeps tectonic plates in motion?

Mountains of fire

Learn about the inner forces of Earth and the formation of volcanoes.

There is still time to...

We must live in such a way that our descendants can live in the future too.

Show that you can work together.

Only communities can make significant changes that contribute to a sustainable development.

Arthropods in the water

Arthropods can be found on shores, on the surface of waterbodies and underwater.

Common field crops

Get to know some of the plants that are grown in agricultural fields.

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