The Sun - a source of energy

In this lesson you will learn about the Sun and how solar energy can be used.

Mineral or rock?

In this lesson you will learn more about minerals and rocks.

How is the aluminium foil made?

This lesson presents the properties, production, and use of aluminium.

How do we see? The human eye

This lesson presents the anatomy of the eye, the mechanism of vision, and common vision problems.

The human urinary system

This lesson presents the structure and functioning of the human urinary system.

Journey to the Gutenberg Galaxy

In this lesson you will learn about the history of writing.

Weather project

You can become meteorologists through fun group tasks.

Living fossils

Learn about animal species that emerged in the distant past and stayed mostly unchanged

The anatomy of the heart (intermediate)

This lesson introduces the position and anatomy of the heart, as well as the blood flow and heart sounds.

The wave phenomena of sound

When does echo form? Why does sound spread easier at night? What is the secret to a good concert hall?

The invisible killers, or What can we do against carbon oxides?

In this lesson, you can learn about carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Can we vacuum on the Moon?

This lesson explains the concept of atmospheric pressure.

What material are objects made of?

Learn about the properties of materials that objects around us are made of.

Cardiovascular diseases Part 1

This lesson presents some types of cardiovascular diseases, including their diagnoses and treatment options.

Let's measure things

Playful tasks for practising measurements, quantities and units of measurements.

Why are there deserts and ice sheets on Earth?

This lesson explains the reasons and consequences of the formation of climatic zones.

Is glass a liquid or a solid?

A lesson about the special properties of glass, the process of glassmaking and the various types of glass.

Ancient Egyptian deities

Dive into the mysterious world of Ancient Egyptian religion.

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