Maltose (malt sugar) (C₁₂H₂₂O₁₁)

A disaccharide formed by the joining of two alpha-D-glucose molecules.

Fortress of Szigliget (17th century, Hungary)

The fortress was a member of the chain of fortifications built to protect against the Ottoman invaders. Its construction started in the 13th century.

Building shapes (one colour)

Build 3D shapes from unit cubes with the help of several views.

Cube sections (exercise)

Examining solids formed by the intersection of a cube and a plane.

Structure of Earth (elementary)

The Earth is composed of several spherical layers.

Wheel of fire

The defenders of Eger Castle invented a lethal weapon, a water wheel packed with gunpowder and oil, which proved effective against the Ottoman besiegers in...

Benedictine abbey (Tihany, Hungary)

The Benedictine abbey was founded by King Andrew I in 1055.


Panpipes (or pan flutes) are composed of several pipes of gradually increasing length.


The guitar is a plucked string instrument available in various shapes.


The trumpet is a musical instrument with the highest register in the brass family.

Faulting (basic)

Vertical forces can break up layers of rock into fault blocks, which then move vertically along the fracture planes.

Nets of a cuboid (exercises)

This animation demonstrates the different nets of a cuboid and includes a game.

Change of seasons (basic)

Due to the Earth´s tilted axis, the angle of the Sun's rays at given latitudes is continuously changing during the year.


The harp is one of the oldest plucked string instruments.

Hungarian police patrol car

This animation demonstrates the equipment of a police patrol car.

Geographic coordinate system (basic)

The system of circles of latitude and longitude on the globe enable every location on the Earth to be exactly specified.

Meteorological instruments (basic)

This animation demonstrates instruments used to examine atmospheric phenomena.

Ferrous metallurgy (basic)

Raw iron is produced from iron ore in iron smelters.

Female reproductive system (basic)

The reproductive system is a series of organs working together for the purpose of reproduction.


A crystalline substance, an extremely important material in the electronics industry (semiconductors, integrated circuits).

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