The taiga

The taiga

Among the climate zones with the greatest extremes, the taiga only formed in the Northern hemisphere. The scenery is breathtaking, and the population is scarce.




taiga, Arctic Circle, polar circle, Norway, Russia, climate, pine forest, pine, snow, Northern Hemisphere, frost-fragmentation, podzol, polar wind, Muskeg, wood production, papermaking, forest, precipitation, humus, fertility, wind, nature, geography

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On-screen labels

Long, cold winter, Short, temperate summer, Precipitation is mostly snow, Frost weathering and surface runoff, Westerly winds (summer), Polar winds (winter), Taiga: “coniferous forest”, Muskeg, podzol, Podzol: “under-ashed soil”, Minerals being washed away, Logging and paper production, Taiga climate

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