The gorilla

The gorilla

The largest of the great apes. During evolution humans diverged from gorillas around 6 million years ago.




gorilla, monkey, mammal, hominoid, föemlős, rainforest, Africa, herbivore, fingerprint, animal, vertebrates, biology

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belongs to the family of Hominidae, Height: 160-180 cm, Males can weigh as much as 200 kg, the largest of the apes, leans forward on its knuckles, Unique fingerprints, Gorilla skull, protruding jawbone, bone spur, Gorilla skull, molars, enlarged canines, mainly herbivorous, two species, one or two offspring, the gorilla, leaves, fruit, vegetables, insects, 100-200 kg, 35-40 years, diet:, weight, life expectancy:
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