The future of our world

The future of our world

In the world of science, the future is forecast on the basis of various mathematical models. Let’s look at a couple of examples!




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"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.", (John Lennon), World population, 6.1 billion, 10:35 a.m, the end of working hours, intuitive linear view, exponential view, 100 years from now, extinction, 1000 years from now, extinct languages, 20 000 years from now, Chernobyl finally safe, 25 000 years from now, The Arecibo Message, 100 000 years from now, corrosion, 296 000 years from now, 500 000 years from now, safe plutonium, 1 million years from now, glass decomposed, 10 million years from now, a new ocean formed, 240 million years from now, galactic orbit, 3.5 billion years from now, Earth like Venus, 5.4 billion years from now, Sun becomes a red giant
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