Let's find out more about this tiny country in Central Europe called Slovakia. This state in the Carpathians is the home of a great many historic sites and hiking trails.




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Gyula Nagy, Geographer, University Instructor (SZTE), Slovakia, Population: 5.5 million, Area: 49,000 sq km, Capital: Bratislava, Hungary before 1920, Annexation of Upper Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, 425000, Microdistrict, 160000, Nitra, Prešov, Košice, 234000, 450000, 93000, 87000, Defining sector: services, 67%, 69%, 80%, Industrial sector: 30%, Motor vehicle production, Mining, Logging, Hydropower, Agriculture: 3%, Great Rye Island, Wheat and corn, Cattle and sheep, EU member state since 2004, Tatra Mountains
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