Plastic bottle rocket

Plastic bottle rocket

In this experiment, we convert a plastic bottle into a rocket.




mechanics, experiment, rocket, force - counter force, action-reaction, pressure

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Warning! This experiment may only be carried out by an adult in strict compliance with the relevant safety regulations., plastic bottle, water, bicycle valve, bicycle pump, Pour some water into a large plastic bottle., Close the bottle with a cap that has a bicycle valve attached firmly to it., Pump air into the bottle to create overpressure., Turn the bottle upside down, then carefully open the cap., Water rushes out of the bottle at a high speed and the rocket is launched high into the air., Why is the plastic bottle launched upwards?, The phenomenon can be explained by the rocket principle., When a liquid or gas flows out of a closed chamber through a small opening at a high speed, a counter force acts on the chamber, the direction of which is opposite to that of the flow, and the counterforce propels the chamber.
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