Like dissolves like

Like dissolves like

Non-polar substances dissolve in non-polar solvents while polar substances dissolve in polar solvents.




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Carbon tetrachloride CCl4, Water H2O, Hexane C6H14, Iodine I2, Crystallised copper(II) chloride CuCl2, Pour the three liquids in a test tube starting with the densest among the three, carbon tetrachloride, then water, and finally the least dense, hexane., Add some iodine to the test tube., Observe what happens to the iodine in the three different liquids., The bottom and top layers in the test tube are purple, which shows that the non-polar iodine dissolves well in both carbon tetrachloride and hexane, both of which consist of non-polar molecules., Now add some crystallised copper(II) chloride to the test tube., Observe what happens in the test tube., Copper(II) chloride has an ionic crystal structure; it dissolves well in water, which consists of polar molecules., Seal the test tube, then shake it., Observe what happens to the liquids., The two non-polar phases and the iodine dissolved in them combine and settle at the bottom of the tube. The bluish aqueous phase forms a layer on top.
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