Eurytopic species

Eurytopic species

Certain species spread out over a large area, almost throughout the globe. They are unaffected by changes in the environment; they are called eurytopic species.




eurytopic, tolerance, tolerancia, cosmopolitan, generalisták, bell curve, optimum, pesszimum, parlagi galamb, weed, pongyola pitypang, cactus, tiger, házi veréb, seagull, species, evolution, Liebig-féle elv, environment, élettevékenység, ecology, living organism, plant, animal, biology

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Hereditary, Eurytopic species, Life, Environmental factors, bell curve, minimum, maximum, range of tolerance, lower limit of tolerance, upper limit of tolerance, wide optimum, narrow optimum, narrow optimum, Generalists, Liebig's law of the minimum
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