Elephant toothpaste

Elephant toothpaste

We prepare a special “elephant toothpaste” with some hydrogen peroxide, liquid soap and food colouring.




elefánt fogkrémje, hydrogen peroxide, food colouring, soap, liquid soap, potassium iodide, peroxy bond, decomposition, labile, exothermic, catalyst, oxygen atom, oxygen, hypoiodite, iodide ion, gas formation, foaming, water, water vapour, molecule, graduated cylinder, chemical bond, experiment, inorganic, chemical reaction, inorganic chemistry, chemistry

On-screen labels

H2O, H2O2, Hydrogen peroxide, Hydrogen peroxide, Colourless and odourless, Peroxy bond, water, oxygen, 2 H2O2 - > 2 H2O + O2, Aqueous solution of potassium iodide salt, lodide anion , Hydrogen peroxide, water, Hypoiodite, oxygen gas, Exothermic
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