Cards tutorial

Cards tutorial




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Cards, Create cards, Create a set of custom cards with words or images on them., Insert into mozaBook, Prepare for your lesson and insert the cards into your exercise book., Create worksheets, Export exercises from the tool to the Test editor., Create cards, Create each card in a separate row in the card editor., The content of the first cell will be on the front of the card., The content of the second cell will be on the back of the card., Drag & drop images into the cells., Replace the image., Add the cards to favourites., Click here to insert a row below the one you have selected., Click on the arrows to move the row up or down., Click here to delete the content of a cell or an entire row., Click here to swap the front and the back of the card., Change the orientation of the cards., The order of the rows determines the order of the cards., Display the cards in alphabetical order or at random., View the cards., Click on the edges to view the next or the previous card., Click on the bottom or top centre of the card to flip it., Click on this icon to display the back of the cards., Click here to display only those cards that were added to the favourites., Insert into mozaBook, Insert the card into the exercise book as an image., Insert this tool into mozaBook as interactive content., Create worksheets, Click here to export an exercise to the Test editor., Save the modifications., Insert into mozabook as you wish.
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