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Transport networks

The animation presents the main air, water and land routes and transport hubs.



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Airports provide infrastructure and services necessary for aviation.


Ports must provide necessary infrastructure and services for industry and marine transport.

Container ships

Commercial maritime routes of container ships form a global network.

Airbus A380 (2005)

The double-decked, wide-bodied passenger aircraft can carry more then 500 passengers.


Buses play an important role in public transport.

Construction of cars

This animations demonstrates the exterior and interior construction of cars, as well as their operation.

De Havilland DH-106 Comet 1 (1949)

The aircraft manufactured by the British de Haviland company was the world's first mass-produced commercial jetliner.

Electric surface transport

Trolleybuses and trams are environment-friendly means of public transport

Layers of the ocean

Physical properties, as well as the flora and fauna of the ocean change with depth.

Mail coach service (Great Britain, 18th century)

Before the emergence of motorised vehicles, letters and parcels were delivered by horse-drawn mail coaches.


The fastest track-based means of urban transport.

Oil tanker

Oil tankers appeared in the late 19th century; today they are among the largest ships.

Patent-Motorwagen (Karl Benz, 1886)

The Benz Patent-Motorwagen is widely regarded as the first vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine.

Refugees and migrants

This animation presents the current refugee crisis from various points of view.

Shale gas

This animation explains the technology of shale gas extraction.

The history of aviation

The animation offers a summary of the history of aviation from the Middle Ages.

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is an artificial waterway created to shorten shipping routes between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Suez Canal

The Suez Canal is an artificial waterway connecting the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Offshore natural gas extraction, Norway

The Troll A is an offshore natural gas platform, the largest offshore platform ever built: it rises about 170 metres above water level, weighs 656,000...

Oil refinery

The products of oil refining include diesel oil, petrol and lubricants.

TGV POS train

The train operates between Paris and southern Germany, its cruise speed is 320 km/h.

The Channel Tunnel

The Channel Tunnel is a 50.5 km long railway tunnel between the United Kingdom and France, beneath the English Channel.

Electricity supply network

The purpose of the electricity supply network is to provide electricity for consumers.

The development of freight transport

This animation demonstrates the development of freight transport, from horse-drawn carts to modern lorries.

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