Планета в нашем саду?

The lesson illustrates the size of the planets in the Solar System and the huge distances...

Ядовита ли лягушка-древолаз?

Find out interesting facts about the anatomy of amphibians and their vital processes.


The lesson introduces you to various types of teeth and their functions.

Гиганты Солнечной системы

This lesson introduces you to the outer planets of the Solar System, that is the giant...

How did humans conquer the air?

This lesson presents the most important milestones in the history of aviation.

The anatomy of the heart (intermediate)

This lesson introduces the position and anatomy of the heart, as well as the blood flow...

Is glass a liquid or a solid?

A lesson about the special properties of glass, the process of glassmaking and the...

Where will we meet?

Let's find out how many pieces of information are necessary for specifying a location.

Activity? Radio? Radioactivity!

This lesson presents the discovery of radioactive radiation and its positive and negative...

How can we group chemical reactions?

The experiments in this lesson will introduce you to the various types of chemical reactions.

How to feed your T-rex

The lesson introduces you to the features of Tyrannosaurus rex.

Cardiovascular diseases Part 1

This lesson presents some types of cardiovascular diseases, including their diagnoses and...

Why are there deserts and ice sheets on Earth?

This lesson explains the reasons and consequences of the formation of climatic zones.

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