The First Hungarian automobile (1904)

Hungarian engineer János Csonka built his first automobiles for the Hungarian Postal Service.

Calvinist College of Debrecen (18th century)

One of the oldest schools in Hungary, where several renowned Hungarians studied.

Hungarian police patrol car

This animation demonstrates the equipment of a police patrol car.

Administrative divisions of Hungary

This animation presents the regions, counties and cities of Hungary.

Topographic map of Hungary

This animation demonstrates the geographical regions of Hungary.

Tennis court

Tennis is played on a court covered with grass, clay or synthetic material.

Haiduk (Hungarian soldiers of the 16th century)

István Bocskay created a successful army from former armed cattle herders in the 16th century.

Leonardo Da Vincis oppfinnelser - Pansret kjøretøy

The design for the armoured car features the most important military requirements: reliability, portability and great firepower.

Clothing (Western Europe, 17th century)

Clothing reflects the lifestyle and culture of the region's inhabitants.

Clothing (Western Europe, 16th century)

Clothing reflects the lifestyle and culture of the region's inhabitants.

Oktogon, Budapest (Early 20th century)

A landmark crossroads in the Hungarian capital city at the turn of the century.

Leonardo Da Vincis oppfinnelser - Flymaskin

The aim of this extraordinarily complex study was to mimic the different phases of the flight of birds.

Leonardo Da Vincis oppfinnelser - Beleiringsmaskiner

Leonardo was not only a master artist, but also an accomplished military engineer.

Leonardo Da Vincis oppfinnelser - Svingbro

Leonardo's creative legacy also includes several projects related to bridges. This unusual swing bridge allowed for undisturbed water traffic.

Leonardo Da Vincis oppfinnelser - Mekanisk vinge

The mechanical wing is one of the masterpieces among Leonardo's sketches related to aviation.

Genome editing

Genome editing is a type of genetic engineering which results in changes in the genome of an organism. This animation presents one of the best-known genome...

Leonardo Da Vincis oppfinnelser - Luftskrue

The polymath thought that if a screw-like structure can rotate fast enough, it will 'drill' into the air and fly.

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