Persian monarch (5th century BC)

Ancient Persian monarchs were famous for the size of their empire and their wealth.


Pollen serves to fertilise the egg of plants. Pollen grains come in a variety of shapes and sizes, characteristic of the species.


This animation demonstrates several types of prisms, from general to regular.

Torsion balances

A force can be measured by measuring the twisting of the torsion wire in a torsion balance.

Zulu tribal chief

African tribes have their own distinct cultures.


A type of settlement that has central functions.

Trafalgaro mūšis (1805 m.)

Didžiosios Britanijos Karališkasis laivynas, vadovaujamas admiralo lordo Horacijaus Nelsono, nugalėjo Prancūzijos ir Ispanijos laivyną Napoleono karų mūšyje.

Woodwind instrument

Woodwind instruments differ from brass instruments mainly in their reed.

How does it work? - Impulse steam turbine

This animation demonstrates the structure and operation of impulse turbines.

Surface area of spheres (demonstration)

The surface of a sphere consists of the set of points which are all at the same distance from a given point in space.

Domestic dog

Dogs are the domesticated subspecies of grey wolves.

Precision agriculture

This animation demonstrates the use of modern technology in agriculture.

Katie on the playground

A colourful and entertaining animation to practise orientation in space.

How does it work? - Combine harvester

Combine harvesters are machines that harvest and thresh grain crops.

Shape games

Find views and nets of three-dimensional shapes.

The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains (451)

The Roman army, led by Flavius Aetius, stopped the Hun invasion led by king Attila

Mexican redknee tarantula

One of the best known species of spiders, often kept as pets. Its bite is not fatal for humans.


This animation demonstrates the construction of motorcycles.

German soldier (World War I)

German sordiers in the First World War were well trained and used modern weapons.

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