Faulting (basic)

Vertical forces can break up layers of rock into fault blocks, which then move vertically along the fracture planes.

Silicon dioxide (SiO₂)

A polymorphic compound, mostly found in the form of quartz.

Meteorological instruments (basic)

This animation demonstrates instruments used to examine atmospheric phenomena.

2-methylbutane (C₅H₁₂)

One of the isomers of pentane, used as a solvent.


A crystalline substance, an extremely important material in the electronics industry (semiconductors, integrated circuits).

Female reproductive system (basic)

The reproductive system is a series of organs working together for the purpose of reproduction.

Ferrous metallurgy (basic)

Raw iron is produced from iron ore in iron smelters.

Soldiers of the Hungarian War of Independence (1848-49)

The main participants in the battles of the Hungarian War of Independence were the Hungarian, the Imperial and the Russian soldiers.

Glacier (basic)

A glacier is a large body of ice that forms from snow, and is in constant, slow motion.

Grouping of solids 1

This animation demonstrates various groups of solids through examples.

Grouping of solids 2

This animation demonstrates various groups of solids through examples.

Single street village with ’strip parcels’

Villages established in valleys usually consisted of houses built on long and narrow plots of land.


The harp is one of the oldest plucked string instruments.


The trumpet is a musical instrument with the highest register in the brass family.


The guitar is a plucked string instrument available in various shapes.


Panpipes (or pan flutes) are composed of several pipes of gradually increasing length.


Lighthouses are used as an aid to navigation in coastal waters.

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