Giant sequoia

Giant sequoias are the world's largest living organisms by mass.

Carbon monoxide (CO) (intermediate)

Colourless, odourless gas, highly toxic to humans and animals in high concentration.

Ckifsky алтын жауынгер (б.э.д. 3 ғасырда)

Қазақстанда, Есік қорғанынан қазба жұмыстары кезінде ретінде белгілі доспехи жауынгер,...

The development of freight transport

This animation demonstrates the development of freight transport, from horse-drawn carts...


Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons which can be organised into a homologous series.

Saker falcon

The saker falcon is a large bird of prey widespread in Europe and and Asia.

Medieval Arab water pump (Al-Jazari, 13th century)

The ingenius water pump designed by Al-Jazari is a great example of the creativity of...

Mir Castle Complex (17th century)

The Mir Castle Complex, situated in the town of Mir, Belarus was built in the...

MIG-31 (Soviet Union, 1982)

The Soviet-made twin-engine interceptor aircraft was first deployed in 1982.

Solids of revolution (rectangle)

Rotating a rectangle around its axes of symmetry or around its sides results in solids of...

Arch of Titus (Rome, 1st century)

The Arch of Triumph was built at the entrance of the Forum Romanum, to commemorate...

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