The unforeseen consequences of mining

Mining is an important sector of the economy but it can cause irreversible damage to the environment.


Pines are conifer trees characteristic of the taiga. The timber of pine trees is a popular raw material in the furniture industry.

After the peace agreements

A summary of events right after the peace agreements that put an end to World War I.

Fruit batteries

Electric current of small voltage can be created by using fruit, similarly to the Daniell cell.


بزرگترین میمون بزرگ. در طول تکامل ، انسانها حدود 6 میلیون سال پیش از گوریل ها جدا شدند.

The art of camouflage

During evolution numerous creatures learnt to adapt to their environment, for example by camouflage.

Scandinavian lakes

The lakes of Scandinavia were formed during the Ice Age by glacial erosion.


A lake is a body of still water surrounded by land. The majority of lakes contain freshwater. On a geological scale their lifespan is relatively short.

Stave church

There are a number of Viking stave churches in Norway that were once erected in honour of Viking gods.

The terrestrial planets

The terrestrial planets in our Solar System are the four planets closest to the Sun. They are made up of rocks and metals and have hard surfaces.

Re-lighting a candle

Can a candle be re-lit if the flame of the match does not even touch it?

Liquid magnifier

Make a magnifying glass using a jar, some cling foil and a few drops of water.

An experiment with crushing results

How can a tin can be crushed without manual force? All you need is some water and heat.


These unique works of art are renowned and sought-after worldwide. It is not unusual to spend 5000 hours working on a single tablecloth.


It is a popular form of urban travel. The first trams were built in the 19th century to satisfy the increasing demand for public transport.


After the first oil crisis in 1973, trolleybuses gained popularity in urban transport systems since their operation does not depend on the price of crude oil.

Rolling roads

The rolling highway (Rollende Landstrasse) is an environmental friendly way of transport where lorries are transported by trains.

Czech cities

Let's visit Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and learn about its sights and the world famous Czech beer.

دلقک ماهی معمولی

این گونه‌ها نمونه‌ای عالی برای همزیستی هستند. زندگی مشترک با شقایق‌های دریایی، شکارچیان را دور می‌کند.

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