A day calendar with important and interesting anniversaries.

Hall of fame

Portrait and information about famous people.

Time machine

People and events shown in a dynamic timeline and relations view.

3D photos

A collection of 3D images viewable with red-cyan glasses.

Aerial photos

Well-known sights and buildings from a bird's eye view.

Related tools & games


Interactive test editor and player.

Board games

Multi-player quiz game with various types of popular games.

3D menu

A categorised collection of 3D scenes with a spectacular search interface.

Content graph

An organised and searchable graph of all the educational content in the mozaLearn system (books, videos,......

Video library

Categorized videos showing interesting experiments and movie clips.

Question sheet

Simple question sheet with text and pictures; multiple choice questions with a single or multiple correct......


Answer quiz questions on 12 different topics with increasing level of difficulty.

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