Digital maps for interactive boards

The digital maps of mozaMap atlases expand the range of tools available to geography and history teachers. Various types of maps and their visual elements can be customized freely and individually, which makes planning and conducting classes a breeze. The digital maps of mozaMap atlases can be opened in the mozaBook software.

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The software contains the tables of contents of all the atlases available for purchase. It also contains a few freely available maps of each atlas.

Key features of mozaMap atlases

  • Navigation on map (zoom, drag)
  • Enable and disable layers, create combined maps
  • Create saved views
  • Search options
  • Built-in drawing tool
  • Presentation possibilities
  • Content created by the user
  • Animations for illustrating historical events
  • Exercises and questions
  • Integration with mozaBook
  • Customization possibilities
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