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A variety of geometry exercises can be solved easily, precisely and quickly with the help of the Euklides geometric construction software. During digital geometric construction the elements of the figure are mobile, while the relations remain constant. This makes the limits of the geometric construction easy to find and illustrate.

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Clear construction

Any of the constructed objects can be turned on and off, or marked with different colours and line styles. Guides that are not important with regard to the solution can be hidden with a click.

Tags can be attached to the geometrical objects (points, lines…). These tags can contain comments or display dynamic object parameters (e.g. point coordinates, line length). The tags can be turned on or off for each object.

Basic or complex

The program is based on the six basic Euclidean construction steps. The exercises can be solved by a series of these actions. In addition to the basic steps, several commonly used complex actions are at hand. (eg. perpendicular bisector, constructing tangents from the basic objects). The program is capable of carrying out all basic geometric transformations (reflection against an axis, or midpoint, translation, rotation, projection, inversion).


The description of steps through which the result can be produced, is part of the complete solution of an exercise. The construction steps can be played one by one in Euklides, so not only the result, but also the steps that lead us to that result are visible.

The program allows for the preparation of macros (specific
construction steps) which can be saved and used for future

Animated trace

By running the starting point of a finished construction along a given curve, the path of a point originating from it can be displayed. Using the trace function, an entire ellipse can be drawn out from a series of points comprising it. The program displays the motion of the point and the transformation of the entire construction as an animation by showing the phases simultaneously, playing backwards and forwards - even chequering.

The parameters of the animation (number of phases, speed, direction and other variables) can be changed, and the finished animation can be saved.

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