The great white pelican

Pelicans are highly protected birds. They can be easily recognised by their pouched bill.


A plant originating from the Caucasus region, grown for its aromatic fruit.

The common juniper

The most common juniper species in the northern hemisphere. This video is about its uses and its healing properties.


Balloons filled with gases lighter than air will rise. This principle is used both for entertaining as well as for travelling purposes.

The coastline of Montenegro

Montenegro is situated on the western part of the Balkan Peninsula. Its population barely exceeds 600 thousand. It declared independence from Serbia in 2006.


Rhinos’ primary characteristic is the horn at the front of their skull, which they use for attacking and defensive purposes.


A backwater is a part of a river in which there is little or no current. Backwaters also provide opportunities for leisure activities such as canoeing and...


Forests are probably the most complex ecosystems of the Earth where you can find woody and soft stem plants, mosses as well as fungi.

The common chimpanzee

99% of the common chimpanzee's genome is identical to that of humans, yet this 1% difference matters a great deal.


This little animal has the annoying habit of raiding waste containers and scattering rubbish all over the place.

Porcelain manufacture

The raw material of porcelain is kaolin, which is mixed with other substances, most often feldspar and clay.


Let's find out more about this tiny country in Central Europe called Slovakia. This state in the Carpathians is the home of a great many historic sites and...

Archaeological excavation

In archaeology, excavation is the exposure, processing and recording of archaeological finds.

The greater flamingo

A video about a pink wading bird with an arcuate bill. Its peculiarity is that it sleeps standing on one leg.

Wind power

Wind turbines are built primarily at places where the wind is strong enough to rotate them to produce electricity. They are particularly popular in Denmark.

Protein denaturation

Proteins are sensitive to environmental changes. In this video we demonstrate how easy it is to modify their molecular configuration.

The magic chain

A spectacular optical illusion using a chain of closed rings.

Onion processing

The onion is a perennial, bulbous plant with a characteristic taste and fragrance, caused by a sulphurous compound the plant produces.

Preparing a tissue sample from an onion

Examination of long, rectangular onion epidermal cells under the microscope at 100x magnification.

Measuring the height of a cathedral

We will measure the height of this large cathedral with a set square and some mathematics.

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