Home-made lava lamp

This is how you can make a lava lamp at home.

Bending a jet of water (observation)

A surprising phenomenon occurs when we hold a statically charged ruler near water flowing from a tap.


This is a video presenting the characteristics of natural and artificial ecosystems.

Islamic mosques

What do the words jama, minaret and muezzin mean? Watch this next video to learn the answers.

Inseparable books

This simple experiment shows how to 'glue' two books together.

Magic matchstick

You can make a matchstick spinning on two coins without touching it.


This video presents the causes, characteristics and types of winds.


Maps are indispensable to planning outings and also to orientating en route and on site.

The rose chafer’s life

If we pay close attention as we walk through the forests and across the meadows, we can see miracles. Let’s learn more about the rose chafer.

The formation of precipitation

There is water vapour in the air all the time. If the air becomes saturated with it, precipitation occurs.

The math behind gambling: Dice

In dice games the probability of certain events can be relatively easily calculated. Let’s examine two basic situations.

Surface tension of liquids 2

In this video we are experimenting with food colourings.

History of vaccines

Epidemics have been responsible for far more human loss than all the wars combined and have influenced history more than any powerful empire.

The Ancient Olympic Games

Learn more about the origins of the ancient Olympic Games and its revival in modern times.

Alcohol oxidation (observation)

Examining the colour of a piece of copper when exposed to heat and then ethanol vapour.

Like dissolves like (observation)

Non-polar substances dissolve in non-polar solvents while polar substances dissolve in polar solvents.

The horizon

Imagine a flat plain with no natural landmarks. How far can we see? Where is the furthest visible point? Let's calculate it!

South Africa trailer

Our new educational videos about South Africa are coming soon.

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