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Games Playing with sounds

This lesson introduces some basic ideas about sound.

Do you understand what I am telling you?

In this lesson you will learn about the basics of speech perception and language acquisition.

How can humans speak?

This lesson presents the development of human speech and the structure and functioning of the organs of speech.

How do we hear?

This lesson helps you understand the process of hearing.

Is noise harmful?

Noise surrounds us everywhere, but it can be harmful. Let's see how.

Can we understand the language of animals?

Find out interesting pieces of information about the communication of animals.

What is CRISPR?

A lesson about the benefits and limitations of genetic engineering.

Alexander Graham Bell

Learn about the life and work of Alexander G. Bell

What will happen to us?

Let's find solutions to the global environmental issues!

The art of food

In this lesson, you will learn about the history of food in art and the Surrealist movement.

Renaissance I. – The birth of a new style

The Renaissance, which originated in Italy, was inspired by Ancient Greek and Roman art.


A digital lesson that gives an overview of vibrations for high-school students.

Where do we live?

Describe your place of residence through project work.

Waves and sound

A summary of the physics of waves for high school students.

The father of modern European science: Aristotle

The diverse scientific work of the famous ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, had a tremendous impact on the development of science.

Aquatic plants

Near the waterfront, vegetation is greener and more abudant than in the centre of the lakes.

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