A transformer is a device used for converting the voltage of electric current.

Palaeolithic cave

The first dwellings in human history provide a lot of information about the lifestyle of our ancestors.

How does it work? - Ballpoint pen

The invention of the ballpoint pen made writing a lot easier.

How does it work? – Cinema projector

This animation demonstrates the design and operation of a traditional cinema projector.

Safety equipment of bicycles

The highway code contains rules concerning the safety equipment of bicycles.

Evolution of the bicycle

The changing bicycle, at first mocked as a toy, is a true mirror of the technical development over the last three centuries.

Biogas power plant

Biogas can be produced from organic material (manure, plant waste, organic waste) using bacteria. Biogas is a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide; burning...

Constructing shapes (3D)

Building 3D shapes into a given cube mesh with the help of several views.


A sailing vessel with characteristic lugsails used for both military and trade purposes.

Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone helped to solve the mystery of hieroglyphics.

Transport networks

The animation presents the main air, water and land routes and transport hubs.


The device designed to carry out executions more humanely than before was named after a French doctor.

Formation of hydrogen molecules

Hydrogen atoms within hydrogen molecules are held together by a covalent bond.


Uranus is the 7th planet from the Sun, a gas giant.

Colonisation and decolonisation

The colonising powers´ colours were wiped off the map by the nations fighting to regain their independence.

Sewage treatment plant

Treated sewage water can be used in agriculture and industry.

Torii (gateway) of the Itsukushima Shrine

The torii is a traditional Japanese gate built at the entrance of shrines.

Open-cast mine

As opposed to underground mines, in open-pit mines the layers covering coal are removed, coal is extracted on the surface.

Tidal power station

Tidal power stations utilise the daily fluctuation of the water level for producing electricity.

Time zones

The Earth is divided into 24 time zones. Standard time is the time used within time zones.

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